Backup your entire DVD collection digitally with the MB561US series
Most know that being a movie fanatic also turns out to be a pretty big hobby as you will eventually have too many DVD's on a shelve. While some will choose to rip their collection to hard drives, finding a dedicated storage location can be difficult. This is because many users opt to use their general secondary storage which may or may not have enough room. In addition, it is not as convenient to have a mix of different files on one drive and some other movies on another separate drive. The MB561US-4S-1 makes it easy to store and share your collection on a single device that offers a total storage capacity of up to 12TB.
With the MB561US-4S-1, you will be able to expand your library storage collection like never before. Think of this as a file cabinet but for all your entertainment from movies to TV shows, not to mention only taking up about half a foot in height. Instead of the 5 shelf DVD collection, you have a device that's fits next to your PC or TV, effectively clearing out space for many other things. What makes it even better than a physical media library is that having a centralized digital movie library on your home network is that any device whether it be your desktop, laptop, HTPC or media box like a WD TV you can view and enjoy your favorite movies from the MB561US-4S-1. Keeping everything in one place makes it easy to locate files and with 4 available slots, each slot supporting up to a 3TB hard drive you can quickly organize your videos to your personal liking.
Additional benefits that compliment the MB561US-4S-1 include the hot swappable trays. The removable trays will work with other Icy Dock enclosures like our internal models MB876, MB453, MB454 & MB455 series. This is especially useful for anyone using a HTPC or laptop PC that does not have a DVD drive. You can rip your DVDs from your primary computer to your MB876, MB453, MB454 or MB455 enclosure. When complete you can remove the hot swappable trays and return them to your MB561US-4S-1 to view the movies you just ripped on your HTPC or laptop PC. In addition, with USB 2.0 you can have a wide support of different devices which can make things much more convenient. On the other hand, eSATA port multiplier is also available for up to 3 Gbps transfer speed for those large DVD files. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, the enclosure is built with an aluminum casing with an 80 x 80 x 25 mm adjustable fan to help cool the drives.
Viewing your movie collection on the MB561US-4S-1 can be done a couple of different ways depending on what type the movie file format you prefer to use. If you would like to keep your DVD collection unmodified with no compression, the best option is rip the DVD into an ISO image format. Using software like ImgBurn and DVDFab to rip the DVD to an ISO image, you can save the ISO images to the MB561US-4S-1 and mount and play the ISO images with HTPC or laptop PC on your TV (via HDMI or DVI cable). If you prefer to compress the DVD into a smaller movie file, there are many DVD ripping software options that allow you to directly convert your DVD to Mpeg format. Save the mpeg files to your MB561US-4S-1 and you can play your mpeg files with your media adapter box, HTPC or laptop PC on your TV.
The MB561US-4S-1 is a great and easy way for backing up all of your movies collection allowing a massive media library in a small amount of physical space. You will never have to go back to DVDs unless you feel like going retro. Having hot swappable trays allows you to update and or interchange your movies or TV shows in the same amount of time it takes to put in a DVD. By simplifying your DVD collection is just the beginning as music CD's can also be done, creating a full multimedia experience!
MB561US-4S-1 Quad Bay eSATA & USB 2.0 External Enclosure
MB561US-4SB-1 Quad Bay eSATA & USB 2.0 External Enclosure