Increase Your SFF System's Drive Storage Flexibility with ICY DOCK ToughArmor's High Density Drive Storage Kit

The PC tackles an entirely new definition with every coming generation and advancement in computing technology. What was once a fully-loaded towering floor-bound behemoth now requires a living space no bigger than a conventional gaming console. Even with this size, computers retain impressive abilities and functions, serving a wide array of applications from small media centers to mini desktops. Small and mighty as they may be, with ICY DOCK ToughArmor mobile racks, drive carriers, and drive caddies, these small form factor computers can maximize function and performance without sacrificing their miniature size. Marry these features to ToughArmor's full-metal construction, sleek and appealing design, and excellent customer support backed by a 3-year warranty and it becomes clear why ICY DOCK ToughArmor is the best choice for any consumer or enterprise-grade systems.

ToughArmor MB994IPO-3SB ToughArmor MB994IPO-3SB Image Map

The hallmark of small media centers, home theater server or HTPCs, is maximizing the computer's functions within limited size dimensions to conceal itself within the clean, simple media room aesthetic. While an Intel NUC or microcomputer easily functions within most media centers' required specifications, good looks and elegant design are compromised by external storage. Most Intel NUCs and microcomputers contain visible wires, cables, dongles, and other obtrusions that effectively contribute to an interruptive design, a drawback of machines sharing measurements with an American cheeseburger, minus the calories. Instead, by exploiting the external 5.25" drive bay, success may triumph over failure through a simple yet effective storage solution. With the ICY DOCK ToughArmor MB994IPO-3SB, users can access two 7-15mm 2.5" HDD/SSD and a single slim optical drive in within an external 5.25" drive bay. The hard drive bays support hot swapping for quick drive replacement without needing to open the computer case while the slim optical drive broadens the computer's access to disc-based media, such as Blu-Ray and DVD for those truly stuck in the early 2000s. With a variety of media formats and a seeming abundance of storage, the ToughArmor MB994IPO-3SB will turn any small form computer into the all-in-one media center for all space-sensitive arrangements.

MB994IPO-3SB (2 x 2.5" HDD/SSD & 1 x ODD in 5.25" drive bay):
Fits 2 x 2.5" SATA/SAS hard drive or SSD & 1 x slim optical disk drive (ODD) in a single 5.25" drive bay.
Accommodates hard drives or SSD with 7mm, 9.5mm, 12.5mm & 15mm Height & Slim Optical Disk Drive with 12.5mm Height.
Supports SATA III & SAS 2.0 interface.
ToughArmor MB998SP-B ToughArmor MB998SP-B ToughArmor MB993SK-B ToughArmor MB993SK-B Image Map

Servers, which act as the central hub for data flow between different computers within their network, require massive amounts of digital storage. It's a no-brainer, then, that a small local network server must uphold this standard regardless of its physical size. Small form PCs perform this task quite well at operating costs that would embarrass the average Toyota, and at a size that would make diehard claustrophobics stop dead in their tracks with constricting nightmares. However, drive storage is still a major issue. To maximize interior space, ICY DOCK offers the ToughArmor MB998SP-B for external 5.25" drive bays or the ToughArmor MB993SK-B for external 3.5" drive bays, sparing no extra measurement in the interest of providing the best possible drive storage density available.


When size is all that matters...

For small computers in desperate need of space, the ToughArmor MB998SP-B supports up to eight 7mm 2.5" HDD/SSD within an external 5.25" drive bay, good for today's 8 TB standard. With loads of data to transfer simultaneously between up to eight drives, not to mention the server's added strain as the postman for all data sharing, storage capacity is meaningless without proper transfer speeds. As an internal device, the ToughArmor MB998SP-B grants each individual HDD/SSD with their own connection for quick reading/writing at up to 6 Gb/second. How does that compare with external connectors? Here's how: a USB 3.0 connection supports a connection speed of up to 5 Gb/second, but the connection speed is distributed among the HDD/SSD installed in the enclosure. Imagine a comparable enclosure that supports eight HDD/SSD utilizing USB 3.0. If both transfer speeds apply and eight hard drives are installed in each device, 5 Gb/second turns into 640 Mb/second. This means that every second, the most data any one hard drive in the USB 3.0 enclosure can transfer is a B-list movie. With a 6 Gb/second connection communicating directly with a RAID card or motherboard, a single hard drive in the ToughArmor MB998SP-B can transfer a mainstream shooter game, or nine B-list movies. Regardless, with rapid transfer speeds and sheer hard drive storage volume, sending/receiving data is hardly an issue with this ICY DOCK enclosure.

MB998SP-B (8 x 2.5" HDD/SSD in 5.25" drive bay):
Fits 8 x 7mm 2.5” SATA HDD/SSD in a single external 5.25” drive bay for high performance RAID applications.
Dual 40mm fans keep your drives from overheating.
Supports SATA 6 Gb/second and hot swap.

What if only an external 3.5" drive bay is available?

If 3.5" external drive bays are the only vacancy available, the ToughArmor MB993SK-B houses up to three 7mm 2.5" HDD/SSD. While its compactness and lower drive count pose an obvious disadvantage against its 5.25" counterpart, drive density and storage is fully accounted for, supporting up to 24 TB in drive space as per the 8 TB standard. Think of how many floppy disks that much storage would require. Construction, design, and layout do not suffer the slightest bit, as the full-metal construction mirrors that of its ToughArmor siblings, while a lock-and-key mechanism provide an extra layer of security unsurpassed by competitor enclosures. Like all ToughArmor internal enclosures, the ToughArmor MB993SK-B provides the same neckbreaking transfer speeds capable with individual SATA connectors, even when the boundaries of space-saving reach their limits. When high speed and massive storage are no longer mere recommendations, the ToughArmor MB998SP-B and ToughArmor MB993SK-B provide breakneck speed and endless storage possibilities in a miniature package.

MB993SK-B (3 x 2.5" HDD/SSD in 3.5" drive bay):
Fits 3 x 7mm 2.5” SATA HDD/SSD in extermal 3.5” drive bay.
Supports SAS or SATA HDD/SSD at 6 Gb/second and is backwards compatible with SATA 3 Gb/second drives and hosts (SAS host is required for SAS drives - Single SAS channel).
Eagle-hook lock system & 2-segment safeguard key lock keeps drives secure within the enclosure.
ToughArmor MB411SPO-B ToughArmor MB411SPO-B Image Map

Mini desktops, a machine used in both military applications and space-savvy arrangements, are a type of computer that combines modular design and diminutive size. The most successful builds cleverly marry efficient space use with the full implementation of technology that enhances the computer's usefulness. To enhance the mini desktop's capabilities, upgrading the slim ODD/FDD computer bay is recommended. The ToughArmor MB411SPO-B slots right into these bays with ease and drastically increases the usefulness of a computer slot for a seldom-used technology. The ToughArmor MB411SPO-B, like all other models in the ToughArmor series, even comes with a full-metal construction, unfazed by accidental drops, irresponsible shipping, and the full crushing weight of a black Lexus RX350 crossover. The ToughArmor MB411SPO-B provides the extra layer of utility needed to make mini desktops more versatile with access to numerous compatible hard drives. Its toughness not only protects the contents within, but also suppresses mishaps from constant movement due to an on-the-go lifestyle. Furthermore, adapting a 2.5" hot-swappable drive tray opens the mini desktop to near-limitless storage potential. The ToughArmor MB411SPO-B with hot swappable drive bays allows users the full spectrum of benefits associated with drive changing without the lengthy replacement or potential damages plaguing conventional methods. In mini desktops, maximizing usability within minimal space is a crucial task, and the ToughArmor MB411SPO-B delivers the space management and functionality needed to achieve a successful build.

MB411SPO-B (1 x 2.5" HDD/SSD in slim ODD slot):

Supports 2.5” SAS (single channel)/SATA HDD/SSD up to 6 Gb/second transfer rate (SAS host is required for SAS drives).
Fits 1 x 7mm to 9.5 mm height 2.5” SAS/SATA HDD/SSD in a slim ODD/FDD bay.
Removable EZ Slide Micro drive tray for easy maintenance.

As computer technology shifts to reflect ever-changing trends in their surrounding environment and usage, maintaining their flexibility and data manageability is always a recurring challenge. The ICY DOCK ToughArmor lineup helps any computer retain these essential qualities while allowing the most miniscule of computers perform like the mightiest of machines. With world-class US-based customer support and a generous 3-year warranty on all products, we guarantee your next minicomputer makes a massive difference!

Approved & used by Tier 1 companies such as Hewlett Packard (HP) & General Electric (GE).
Full metal construction from the inside out; perfect for rugged applications and compliant with flammability requirements.
Covered by 3 year warranty with global customer support.
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